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13 June 2011 @ 02:16 am
"Final Fantasy XIII-2" News Dump  
Anyone Who's Been over @ ff_xiii is all good and caught up in the E3 2011 News Material concerning XIII-2's gameplay, Noel and awesomeness that is Playable Serah, but for the sake of it, here are a few links for the material if members here are interested in reading about it. Spoilers are rampant, so beware if you wish to go unspoiled.

E3 2011 Poster

Square Enix Gives First Look @ Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Serah Farron Playable Character)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Story, Structure and Combat Details
More Details Concerning XIII-2's Storyline
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Team Interviewed

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-E3 Teaser
Final Fantasy XIII-2 E3 2011 Trailer
Various E3 2011 Gameplay Footage
Gametrailers.com Developer Walkthrough of Final Fantasy XIII-2

The arrival of Noel Kreiss (All I think of is Felicity when I hear that name) has plenty Snow/Serah shippers concerned his presence marks the end of their relationship and beginning of Noe/Serah. Personally, I'm not worried about that angle, as breaking these two up IMHO, would be like ending Squall/Rinoa or Tidus/Yuna. I mean, if that were the case, why make such a big deal about Snow and Serah getting married in XIII (or their relationship period)? And honestly, Noel's got me wondering more about where Snow, Hope, Sazh (and Dajh) are and why the rag-tag group NORA continues to get so much face time in the two trailers that's been presented to the public already. (I mean, yay, their alive, but... NORA over Snow and everybody else? This logic doesn't make sense!)

Lightning, Fang and Vanille's absences can be explained on some level that requires the supernatural-ness of the Goddess Etro, but, everybody else's absence give me pause. Mostly, given what little information hath been released, one (or I) really can't make any proper connections to one thing or another. I mean, the characters arrive on Cocoon of all places (through a portal that concerns Paradoxes... I think?). The planet that was destroyed when Orphan was killed and saved by F&V. How does that work exactly?
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JLSigmanjlsigman on June 13th, 2011 11:27 am (UTC)
Well, Cocoon wasn't completely destroyed, as I recall from the ending. It's kinda hanging up there, supported by the crystal. I would guess that you could get up in there, although it's likely to be completely trashed.