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12 August 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Hello, new to comm. post and a fan-art.  
Hi! I've been a fan of FFXIII series since it came out, but only now have had the time to get involved in its fandom. My favorite characters are Serah, Hope, and Noel. I'm cool with pretty much everyone, though I like to pick some fun at Snow (see icon), but no bashing. Hmm, I hope to be active in this comm. I saw a few other FFXIII-related comms, mostly having to do with the Farron sisters, but this one seemed to be more general, more inviting, because the user-info didn't have a long list of things I cannot post (no offense or anything). That kind of thing tends to scare me away ^.^; because I don't want to make anyone mad or start a problem by accident.

Ok, on to the Fanart

Pairing: SerahxNoel
Rating: Mature, NSFW
Warnings: genitalia, adultery? lol, and uhh kinda crappy (my art is not the greatest, and I rushed with um, Noel's ya know what)
Program: SAI