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❤ Final Fantasy XIII // Fabula Nova Crystallis ❤

the new tales of the crystal ... covering all the FF13 titles!

★ Final Fantasy XIII // Fabula Nova Crystallis ★
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For everything and anything FFXIII: Fabula Nova Crystallis related!

WELCOME to the original LJ community Final Fantasy 13, your no#1 source for everything Fabula Nova Crystallis related! (FNC was coined by Square-Enix to cover the FFXIII compilation: FFXIII, FFXIII Versus & FF Agito XIII!) Here you'll find icons, discussion, fan art, fan fiction, drabbles, graphics & much more! This community was initially born on the 10/05/2006 and was created by druidess but is now run & moderated by satsucake! ♥ Community membership is open to everyone.1. Common courtesy must be observed by all members. Flaming, insults & spam result in an immediate BAN.
2.Graphics & writings of all kinds are welcome. Large images & ***spoilers*** must be posted behind a Cut. If posting icons, do not display more than 3! All Fanfiction must have a title, age rating and brief description available.
3. Do not ask to be a maintainer or moderator! If I need assistance within this community at any point, I will ask.
This community is actively seeking quality Final Fantasy related affiliates! If I accept your request, your community will appear here ♥ (Your comm must be solely FF & must be more than an icon community! Though this is up to my discretion.) Send a message to my inbox.

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